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Arbademus Petrol

ARBADEMUS PETROL is a manufacturer of lubricants widely used in various industries, such as machinery, construction, agriculture, and others. One of the key areas of our activity is the production of oils and lubricants for hydraulic systems. Our lubricants ensure the durability and reliable performance of hydraulic systems, increase their efficiency and reduce wear and tear on parts.

We provide import and export services, supplying our products to the leading lubricant brands worldwide. We are constantly increasing efficiency of our deliveries and we always make sure our customers receive their products on time and in the quantities ordered. We provide a full range of international logistics services ensuring that goods are properly packed for export and are accompanied by packing lists and full export documentation.

ARBADEMUS PETROL is a young, thriving and dynamically developing company with a proven, experienced, and highly qualified team of managers with over 10 years of experience in the export of lubricants. We have a strong international vocation and mindset, which enables us to always offer our clients optimal solutions to meet their requirements.

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